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Build into current Adobe Apps - Not as Standalone

Keep at it - but until you can compete with more serious 3D applications, you might want to pull this and hand it back to R&D.

I choose to view this experiment as a tech demo of new features that will be incorporated into Adobe's existing product lines. As a new feature in After Effects, this would be a great direction in which to explore, but as a stand-alone application it just doesn't hold up to what I have come to expect from Adobe.

I'm left struggling to figure out who would ever use this app. When I need to edit pics, I use Photoshop - done. I would never seriously consider using a one trick pony app that can't even perform as well as your average built-in photo filter.

And that's what this app feels like to me. It seems to be marketed to idiots that want to make the claim that "I can do 3D too!", but anyone who is even remotely serious about creating the type of work that this app seems to be created for wouldn't WANT to use it. It has fewer features than most 20+ year old 3D apps, it's clunky, not at all intuitive (considering the assumed market demographic - see aforementioned idiots), and the performance... well I'll forgive that for now, as it is just an experiment to show off forthcoming new features in an otherwise excellent line of products, right? Right?

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