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Import new object to same X,Y,Z orientation as current selection

Here is the proposed workflow:
1. Select an object in Dimension that you've placed
2. Go up to File>import> 3D Object and click to start the import process
3. Imported object is set at the exact coordinates of the previously selected object, and is now the selected object in your scene.
4.You can now make minor X,Y,Z location changes to the new object in order to have it match your vision of the composition.

Current process
1. write down all of the coordinates for your currently selected object.
2. Go up to File>import> 3D Object and click to start the import process.
3. Once the 3D object has imported enter the X,Y,Z coordinates to place the object exactly where the previously selected object is located in your scene.
If you don't manually enter the coordinates, and click on the blue dot indicating that the new 3D object is not visible in your viewport the camera will snap to it's location ruining the setup of your composition which is maddening when there's not a secondary option of multiple viewports.

I believe that this would be a much needed feature since multiple viewports are not something that you will be addressing right away.

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Chelsi Peters shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Thanks for the suggestion! Very interesting. I’m curious what the core thing you’re trying to do is, though.

Do you want it to import to the same location so that it’s visible because your camera is looking one way and it’s importing behind you? Or is it more about composition, like you’re placing it near that object so want to start there?

Currently we always import objects to the origin of the scene (0,0,0) because different objects might be broken into pieces but intended to align that way. Some other options could be:
- Import to selection as you described above
- Import to center of current view
- Not at import but have additional controls for “move to this object” or “center to my view” type of functionality.

Lots possible here, and none of it is particularly hard, so more understanding the why you want this.


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  • Travis Birdsall commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is similar to an idea I would like to see. When building in a certain area it can be frustrating having to return to the scene origin so you can grab a new object then scale/position it to where you are working.

    My idea was to swap the selected model for a new one, whilst retaining all the scale/position properties. You could duplicate your current model in the scene, then perhaps dragging a new model onto that one replaces it, ready to be positioned without having to move the camera.

    This would also be useful when you've got a perfectly positioned cube, for example, but decide you want it to be a rounded cube instead. Copying the co-ordinates and scale properties doesn't always work as they're rounded to the nearest decimal point, so a 'model swap' feature could come in handy.

  • Chelsi Peters commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Jeanette, for some reason i'm not seeing a way to attach the images to the original post I made. Perhaps I'm missing something simple. If not can you let me know how to get the screenshots I took to you. :) . Thank you!

  • Chelsi Peters commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's more about composition so that I can place it where i want to start from which is the previous object. I've used VUE 3D products for years, and it always does this without asking.

    When I'm working on a 3D composition I may reject multiple camera angles and object placements in my obsession to get things exactly the way I want them. I'm SUPER picky, but I believe that I'm not alone in that regard.

    If I had multiple viewports it would be easy to move a new object near to my first object, I understand that's coming later though.

    I'll update my post to show an alignment tool that VUE uses that may work for you as well. It's very easy to use! It will take a little bit before I can do so as I'm in the midst of rendering an environment. :)

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