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AI files (layer visibility Management)

placing AI file with Artboard Selection is really great feature, but to go a little further managing "layer" visibility should be a must (or something like "layer composition" you have in Photoshop)

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  • jmi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My Best wishes for 2019.

    about this feature, I suggest to be able to select which layer(s) is/are visible from the illustration.
    It could be intersting for different reasons.
    One you don't want all the visible layers at once:
    imagine a packaging with an allover "matte" print and a selective selection for a vernish. so you need to select the background layer for the texture of the diffuse mat material and you use another layer for the specular texture... but all in a single AI files and not multiple exports with multiple layer visibility.
    This can be achieved in Photoshop ith layer comp.
    Two some layers are there for annotations and not for viewing and or printing but you don't want to export the file twice.

    so when importing an AI file as a texture in a material it could be valuable to select the artboard as now, and next which layer_comp is activated.

    This could help also if you have in a single AI file the Normal texture , for that case we shall need to apply a PSfilter to convert B/W illustration in Normal map (as it exist in Photoshop) but this is also a request I've made in the AI uservoice

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