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Attach Hide/Unhide object parameter to Camera Bookmarks

I've had at least three instances of this since 2.0, where I set Camera Bookmarks, but cannot change what objects stay hidden or unhidden for each bookmark.

A few months ago had a collection of handles that I needed to render, and add to hide/unhide each model of handle everytime I finished a batch of renders. Had to wake up at morning every hour and a half just to get all the renders done.

Right now I have three sets of renders to do of a dressing trable.
One set is currently being done with 8 renders in queue.
Then I'll have to wake up at around 3:30AM just to unhide the bedroom and all the furniture/accessories set around the dressing table, and render 5 more images.
At this pace, I'll have to wake up again at 5AM to set the third batch Just to get the mirrors rotated and the drawers open.
I expect to have everything done by 6:15AM, when I wake up yet again to make three more renders from the back by rotating the table 180º.

And I'm still left with an exploded view to render later next night, and I don't even know how that ordeal is going to be managed...

For me it would be much easier if I could set several camera bookmarks, each with their respective objects hidden or unhidden, so that I could just set the batch of images to render in just a single sitting...

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This is an interesting idea, and while it seems to be specific to hide/unhide objects, I think this can also be solved by having the ability to have multiple scenes open in Dimension. I know it is not as elegant as the method you suggested, but something that is under review :

Let me know if that would work for you, and why/why not.


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