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Apply Textures to existing UV Space

When I am importing a model that I previously created in C4D, the textures applied in Dimension do not inherit the UV Mapping that is already present. So a texture being applied to a cylinder with a slight inclination results in the texture wrapping to an incorrect ratio, resulting in what can be seen in the attached image. Image of original C4D model with UV Mapping is attached

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If you apply a graphic as a separate layer it uses a floating ‘decal’ projection. If you want to apply a texture to the original UVs you currently need to double click on the model to select the material then apply the texture to the base color.

In the future graphic layers will have a fill mode that can be used to apply to the entire model. This is planned for our next release in 2019.

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  • Alex commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It was applied as a seperate decal layer, I didn't realise there was an alternative method for applying textures to objects. Applied it onto the colour layer and it's come out as I'd hoped. Thanks for the speedy feedback!

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