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  1. GPU Rendering

    Would be nice to use this with external GPU. My 2015 MBP with AMD Radeon is running fans so loud, it is hard to listen. And the speed of rendering is pretty slow.

    Otherwise I definitely love the idea of 3D app for designers inclouded in CC. Just as handy, as Adobe Muse. Can't wait to see next versions.

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    Hey everyone. There’s been a lot of discussion here, and some of it is turning quite negative. I was going to wait, but wanted to jump in right away.

    We have absolutely been listening and, as mentioned before, have GPU rendering in progress. We have our first build testing in-house right now and will be making it available on Prerelease soon.

    Please, note this first release of GPU rendering will be Windows Nvidia only, on cards that support RTX raytracing technology. Plans for AMD and Mac is still in the works but won’t be happening this year.

    You can join our prerelease program with this invitation link:

    Or if you’re already a member just visit and visit the Dimension program.

    We hope to upload our first GPU enabled build later this week.

    Cloud rendering is in NO WAY a replacement or way to evade doing work to support…

  2. Faster Rendering

    Render times are slow, not usable.

    Render times are way to slow. If I render a simluaur scene in Cinema 4D, it takes only 1,5 - 2 minutes instead of forever...

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    Dimension 2.3 is now available (July 16th) and has cut render times significantly through the use of a new technology: Denoising powered by Adobe Sensei machine learning. Now, we can render significantly less time and still provide the same high quality end result. You can find the denoising option in the application preferences.

    At this time our rendering is still CPU based, so I’ll be leaving this idea marked as ‘started’ until we complete our GPU rendering integration which we have started.

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