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  1. Slider for Scaling

    In photoshop we have a slider for extrusion depth that allow to change the value of extrusion. In many situation when it hard to use gizmo this slider make easy to change extrusion value. See image

    Adding slider for changing object size or scale object with "0" value in the middle (as we have in Ps) can be very useful and comfortable to scale or change the size of object. This slider can be added for "X" "Y" and "Z" axis respectively.

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    Hey Ares! We don’t plan to add sliders for our transform settings at the moment, but you can click and drag on the label to ‘slide’ the value up or down.

    For example, in the field:

    X ____ Y____ Z____

    You would click and drag on the X, Y, and Z labels to adjust the values for the X, Y, and Z fields respectively.

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