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  1. Cloth Assembly and Simulation

    I've recently worked in two Design Projects that involved cloth of some sorts. One of them, that was a complete challenge and, though it won 1rst Prize in a National Design Contest, the cloth component still looks horrible on the renders.

    Trying to model the cloth part and get it together with the SolidWorks wooden parts was the biggest challenge here. I had to do it manually, polygon by polygon, within the time limit, and figure out a way to get everything together.

    Would there be any possibility of modelling cloth physics on Felix and allow for an easier manipulation…

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    At some point we do plan to have cloth functionality in Dimension. I’m updating the status here because we’ve actually got some progress on our physics engine with our first physics feature (drop to ground) and have some more in the works. So this has matured enough I feel like I can publically say we’ll do cloth at some point! It’s probably still a while out though. I’ll update when we’re closer to starting work on that area particularly.

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