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  1. Higher decal resolution

    Higher resolution for decals would be nice. Had to add a decal to a product shot and it was pixilated on the render image.
    Really annoying because I wasn't able to make FINAL detail shots of the product and had to add the decals in Photoshop by hand.

    BTW: Is there a limit for the resolution of decals?

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    Hey everyone! I saw a good number of new questions here, so thought I’d respond to everyone with an update. Unfortunately we still don’t have true ‘vector’ support in Dimension.

    Whatever ‘size’ and resolution your vector is in Illustrator is what it’s going to be applied as in Dimension. When importing to Dimension we convert it to a .png and use that.

    I recommend using a minimum of about 1000×1000 size images from Ai or Ps. 2000×2000 is better. 4000×4000 is best! ;D

    This quality reduction can also be cause because of the way 3D models work. The entire image you use is shared across the model and then only as a part of the canvas based on camera zoom. So you could be zooming in to part of the model and rendering it at a higher resolution than the graphic was originally.

    Decal resolution can also be affected by…

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