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  1. Custom 3D Light Objects (Spot, Point, Area)

    Lighting in Project Felix is currently handled through the Environment and Sunlight objects. Custom light objects would allow studio setups, with area lights that can be positioned, sized, rotated, colored, and set at varying intensities.

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    Hello everyone! Just wanted to say we are starting work on some lighting features this year. While I don’t know the full scope of what we’ll be able to release this year yet, some areas we’re exploring are:

    More directional lights (like the sun) with a lightpainting interface to create custom environment lights.

    Improvements to our Match Image feature to be able to detect and generate multiple indoor lights.

    Improvements to glow materials to make them more expressive.

    Additions of haze, environmental atmosphere, etc.

    Last, but not least, actual 3D placed light objects.

    I’ll update here when we have a more scoped vision or a prototype for testing! :)

  2. Better approximation of lighting

    I wish the lighting more closely approximated what the rendered version will look like. Most of the time the lighting is way off and I have to re-render the scene which can take a while. Even the Show/Hide Render Preview quick view within the Design stage should be improved.

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    We’re actively working on improving the real-time approximation. I was curious for the Render Preview mode if you think that is giving you different results. It should be fairly accurate to the final render aside from the level of noise and grain which is capped to prevent it from using too much power

    Feel free to share a screenshot or two if you’re getting drastically different results!

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