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  1. Putting JPEGS "inside" materials/objects

    I wish you'd be able to put JPEGS inside materials, example: liquid inside a plastic or glass cup. or using JPEG photo to add food inside food bag

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    While this is an interesting idea, it is not easy. The general approach would be:

    1 – Create 3D objects to put into the bag/cup such as candies, food, etc.
    2 – Create a basic ‘plane’ object and map the image to the plane
    3 – Use a simulation system to fill it with real water and other liquids.

    1. and #2 you can do today and #3 we may investigate in the far future.

    Unfortunately materials themselves are not 3D, they are 2D information on the surface of the model, so it’s not easy to tell it to put an image ‘inside’.

  2. Sliders for Position/Scale/Rotate

    Sliders for object properties like position scale and rotation would be easier than entering numberical values sometimes. I've been having trouble grabbing the object with the mouse without grabbing other objects by mistake.

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    Having slider interfaces for some numbers is difficult because there is no limitation on the scene size. We can’t really have a slider from 0-100, for example, because your XYZ positions might be 10,000 depending on how the scene was made.

    However, you can click and drag on the label for numerical inputs to treat them like sliders. IE, for position click on the “X” label then drag to slide the object on the X axis.

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