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Blank Render Preview or Render Mode

When I select the Render Mode and Click on the Render button (no matter what quality or export format), the screen never renders anything; nor does the render preview. My guess is there is something wrong with loading the v-ray engine, but I don't have any way of actually determining that. I don't have anything else that runs VRay, so not sure what's going on.

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For anyone experiencing issues with the V-Ray Render Preview window or Render Mode being blank please try the following:

1. Please try a system restart. There is a known issue with the way our licensing for V-Ray calls home that stops working if the system hasn’t been rebooted in a few days

2. Please try updating your video card drivers. Often fixes graphical issues.

3. If neither of the above help please send an e-mail to tickets@adobedimension.com with your log files and a reference to what the issue is. There are two logs:


Which can be located here:

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Adobe/
Win: ~\username\appdata\local\Adobe\Dimension

Crash Logs
Mac: ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/

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