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  1. Unable to Open a Saved File

    I have a dilemma!
    When I open a 3D, previously saved, it no longer opens it to me (it works only with some, not all), but if the amount works.
    I was dating it under another name and it no longer works. If the amount still works.

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    For anyone who is unable to open a saved file, please email us directly at with the following information:

    First, double check, are you part of the Dimension beta and prerelease programs? If so, please double check that the file was NOT created with a prerelease version. The test versions of software do not have finished features in place, so the file format is not compatible with the live builds that we release.

    If the file you’re trying to open was saved in an official version of Dimension, then please send me the saved .dn scene that is having the issue. You can attach scenes under 20MB directly to your email. If the file is larger than 20MB, please upload it to a file sharing service such as Adobe Creative Cloud Files, Dropbox, WeShare, OneDrive, Google Drive, or similar.

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