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    Hi all! I just wanted to give a quick update, since GPU rendering has been out as a beta for a little while. The initial beta was built on NVidia Optix backend and only worked for some Nvidia cards. Thank you for all of the feedback so far!

    One issue we’re hearing is that the GPU renderer errors out and then Dimension doesn’t show the GPU as supported again. Updating to the latest video card drivers is recommended and may resolve this issue.

    We’re actively working on rebuilding the GPU rendering in a different way, so it’s available to all users across all hardware (Nvidia, AMD, MSI, etc).

    We’ll update the status here as we get closer to a beta of the next version of GPU rendering.

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    Jarosław Zakrzewski commented  · 

    I also have GPU (beta) render option - but when i hit render i got after few seconds white psd image.
    I was checked all options - even i will choose png or more bits/channel - rendered is white image - transparent). GPU render isn't rendering anything.. so there is maybe fix ? or will be maded some update to fix this problem?
    link to render file: https://we.tl/t-FzoRg4i165

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    Jarosław Zakrzewski commented  · 

    Cloud rendering makes very low quality and sharped pictures (text, shapes etc.). I know that you are forcing cloud render as thing where you can earn some money on users - but a lot of graphic designers have good graphic cards and easly can generate pictures at work. So - basicly - is there any shadow of chance that GPU render will work and when ?

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