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    Hi all! I just wanted to give a quick update, since GPU rendering has been out as a beta for a little while. The initial beta was built on NVidia Optix backend and only worked for some Nvidia cards. Thank you for all of the feedback so far!

    One issue we’re hearing is that the GPU renderer errors out and then Dimension doesn’t show the GPU as supported again. Updating to the latest video card drivers is recommended and may resolve this issue.

    We’re actively working on rebuilding the GPU rendering in a different way, so it’s available to all users across all hardware (Nvidia, AMD, MSI, etc).

    We’ll update the status here as we get closer to a beta of the next version of GPU rendering.

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    stephen king commented  · 

    It's probably safe to say that Adobe aren't interested in making better products, just more revenue streams.

    Making Dimension sub-par, by only using the CPU and no way to use a local networked render farm either is just pretty nasty business sense. Nah, just pay Adobe more money and they'll do the processing for you stupid.

    It seems like anyone that wants to render in-house, is somehow wrong for having already the facility to render better/faster than what Adobe is providing for cheaper, but all I hear is "no you can't and won't be able to" from them.

    I have been following this thread for years now, and there has not been one movement towards giving us, the paying customer a choice on how we want to use our overpaid software.

    It sickens me that, no matter how much we say we need or want a given feature, it's turned into another way to extort more money from us.

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