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    Hello all! Another status update on this. We believe we’ve resolved the issue with being unable to load previously saved files in 2.3. We hope to ship this fix next week, but if you need immediate access you can join the Dimension Prerelease Program using this link:

    Once you’re on the Prerelease website, simply download the Dimension build marked “2.3.1 – r.1054” which contains the fix. It should open any files that weren’t working before.

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    Jennifer Grove commented  · 

    This has happened to me today too. However, I’m stuck on 2.2.1 because even more strangely, I cannot get 2.3 to run on my PC. The requirements are definitely met, but I get the gray canvas issue and the program will neither display any viewport in it nor will it open anything or close normally — I have to close the process in Task Manager. That being said, I’m trapped in 2.2.1 and now I’ve lost at least 1 full workday of progress because the file no longer opens — in SEVERAL versions I saved. Right before I noticed, the program stopped responding to some buttons. I could no longer pick colors for materials as the button opening the color picker would freeze. Sadly I saved, closed and tried to reinstall before I realized I should’ve copied the log and try to remove duplicated OBJs before it asks to save. But it definitely means the program was behaving strangely upon the bug occurring. It also seemed somewhat unstable and laggy, but I thought it was just pulling CPU which it tends to do.

    As someone stated in this thread, it seams Dimensions does not open any file versions I’ve saved with imported OBJs that were DUPLICATED (not copy-pasted). Duplicated objects from the start elements seem to be fine. I can’t tell whether it’s all duplicated OBJs or just the ones not from Adobe Stock/Photoshop OBJ export though as I used a mix of sources, some self-made from PS, some bought from other stock sites.

    Up to that point where I duplicated any non-start OBJs, the saves I made open fine, then they stop opening. THERE MUST BE something about this.
    I wish I had known before or there simply was no duplicate feature if it starts corrupting my work later. It would also help if GPU support was possible, as it would reduce lag and make instability more recognizable, but that’s another story.

    Now I would like to know whether there’s a chance at fixing this. Right now I cannot recommend Dimensions because of the massive bugs. I can’t even run 2.2.1 along with another version because CC will only let me have one install at once, so I go with what opens at least. Should I send several support tickets for this? One for the corrupted files and one for the program/viewport freezing on 2.3? I don’t know if I want to keep using it at this point.

    For comparison: I’m on Win10 x64 with a Ryzen 5 APU on Vega 11 graphics. The Radeon driver is up to date and I’m a bit puzzled that I’m now stuck between a version that cannot open what it saved and a newer version that doesn’t even run. This PC was newly built in January and it doesn’t look like it’s having any issues besides some Adobe bugs.

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