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    Hello all! While it’s a bit too early to give specifics, I wanted to say interop with After Effects is planned.

    I’ve seen some users doing it already by exporting the 3D object from Dimension in .obj and other formats, then importing to Ae and plugins like Video CoPilot.

    A more direct integration is something we’d love to do!

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    CC Lawhon commented  · 

    From a simpleton (Aka not a well educated designer)...Id like easy 3D product videos/animations.

    If it could “tween” my bookmarks and export as a video?? Heaven. If I could even get it to go into AE as is and then manipulate camera orbit there: happy place.

    Example: I would like my Dimension made 3D soda can-with 12 rotation (y & z) bookmarks-and my “splashed liquid” model next to the can, to rotate then tilt and “pour” a liquid in after effects.

    Even a simple 360° rotate camera around the can so we can see the whole label. I have done it in Animate VR Panorama except i cannot figure out how to post that on a website (videos + Wix = easy).

    I did it in Photoshop but the Orbit tool moves the ground plane too and for some reason it won’t register separate keyframes with dif degrees of y rotation of the object so it appears to turn. I’m considering a screen recording of 24 bookmarks in dimension then smoothing in AE.

    But this should really be as easy as Spark Post ya know? Just some way to easily export the objects as AE layers and do the camera work, can movement, and even lighting in AE?

    I think for now I’m going to ditch dimension, and just use the cylinder in AE. But would love to have the awesome ease of dimension translate into videos of products!!

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